Kay Adler Dolls makes beautiful bears for discriminating buyers that will last you a lifetime. Our bears have oversized ears that make them even more cuddly, their faces are sweet and friendly, and they are hand cut and carefully sewn -- not an easy task! Our bears take time to make so orders are shipped in about two to three weeks. Our Circus Bear is lots of fun, and our Mama's Bear cries "Mama" when turned over. These are truly lovely bears! You'll never regret owning one.

Putting a smile on a child's face is just a click away!

Special Note . . .

Our bears are very special and make wonderful gifts. Our bears are boxed and shipped and carefully packaged. Gift packaging is available in Kay Adler Doll gift bags and we can provide gift cards so your gift can be shipped directly to your loved ones and friends. (Free gift card and gift packaging for orders over $100.)

We do not stock our bears; each one is custom made for your enjoyment. Thank you for your patience!


Made on Long Island,
New York